Lubrol PX

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Lubrol PX

Postby luf1 » Jan 15 2003 10:33 am

Help!!! Does anybody know where to buy Lubrol PX? I am urgently waiting for it for my experiments.

Thanks a lot.

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Postby r.rosati » Jan 16 2003 7:03 am

Never heard of it, but,

with an internet search it seems that this compound (brand name Lubrol PX) is Polyoxyethylene 9 lauryl ether, is this true?

If it is, then i found it as Sigma P9641 (or "Nonaethylene glycol monododecyl ether"), but you could find other equivalents...

As i said, i have no experience with this and can't tell you if the results will be the same!

Best luck


NOTE: Umm, i see that P9641 hasn't listed great quality controls. Same site, but FLuka 74154, seems a bit more extensive on this... I'd say, take a look at other companies too, and find the product that best fits the quality controls of your Lubrol PX...

*Bestest* luck

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